17 June 2016

Summer Solstice

Yes, I know the solstice isn't until Monday, but clouds and rain will obscure much of the sun that day, so let's talk about the sun while it can be seen.

It has been clear and sunny for several days. And nights too, for that matter. We don't have much in the way of "dark", this time of year.

It was hot yesterday; too hot for some. It hit 83 in Anchorage, but only 75 at home. That was plenty warm, as there was practically no breeze. But we did what all good Alaskans do when the temp gets above 70: we turned on every fan we own, and then hung out on the deck.

And ice; we consumed a LOT of icy drinks. The crushed-ice-maker on the fridge got a real workout, yesterday.

But it's all good, and we have lots of shade. The header on this page is our front yard, looking north from the living room.

It'll be cooler today, as the front which will bring us rain on Sunday/Monday begins pushing slowly into the area. I'm okay with cooler. :)

But it's all good, and the weekend is nearly upon us. Most of the chores are already done; the shopping will be finished tonight, leaving tomorrow free for other things. Nearly all the boxes and totes in the garage have been unpacked, and - un milagro! - we could park two cars in our two-car garage. It's nice to see all that floor space open again.

Now Older Daughter and I will have the time and space to begin arranging the tools and workbenches into some semblance of order. We're rather looking forward to that.


Fiona said...

We started on our final unpacking from our move last fall....there has been so much other stuff to do to get our farm set. If we didn't need it it stayed boxed and out of the way. We can now see all of the workshop floor and today the utility building gets a go....

Old NFO said...

99 yesterday, 100 today... Summer is HERE!!!

Rev. Paul said...

Fiona, we're going to acquire a smallish shed for the backyard. Don't really need to keep the lawn mower in the garage. But those last 20 totes are stubborn things. :)

NFO, that is why we don't miss summer in the Lower 48. 75 is plenty warm enough, and you have my sympathy.

Guffaw in AZ said...

110 today followed by 117, 114, 109, 109, 111, 110.

Sorry Rev., 75 is not even WARM!


(Watch it, lest you get a burn or sunstroke!)



Rev. Paul said...

Guffaw, we're not even on the same part of the planet as AZ. If you lived in a place where -20° F. is routine in winter, then 75 would feel warm to you, too. Heh.

Chickenmom said...

With a view of those gorgeous mountain, I would live by your window!

Rev. Paul said...

Chickenmom, we have picture windows on the north & south sides, with no curtains or blinds. Mountains are visible in both directions ... and we live by the windows, too. :)