01 July 2010

Alaska Firearms Freedom Act, Part II

Okay, so the law went into effect today.

So far, no reports of ... well, reports. No gunfire, no "innocent victims" of mindless rampages, no blood running in the streets. The naysayers and hoplophobes predicted far more mayhem.

You're not trying, folks!

Oh, wait. It has been proven, over and over, that more guns = less crime. The hysterical bleating of the nanny-staters notwithstanding, many Alaskans are armed every day ... and yet we don't shoot up our workplaces, Wally World, or whatever.

Sorry if you're offended. I'm not.


Jenny said...

It is weird visiting down south now.

... what do you mean I can't get ammunition at Fred Meyers?

Rev. Paul said...


Teresa said...

Okay I don't know what's going on but blogger has done this to me on several blogs. That is NOT the comment I left. Not at all (not that I can remember it now...) Geeze.

Rev. Paul said...

Teresa - I thought it was a bit strange ... I deleted it for you.


Teresa said...

Thanks. It's the weirdest thing. If I go to a blogger blog and have to log in to leave the comment... the comment that I wrote is replaced with that one. I may have to look it up and see what's going on. Disconcerting. I caught it earlier today on another blog but her comments show immediately. So I thought I'd go looking around and see if it happened elsewhere.