01 July 2010

Alaska Firearms Freedom Act Takes Effect Today

The local NBC affiliate is all wee-wee'd up this morning, having suddenly discovered that Gov. Sean Parnell signed "the Firearms Freedom Act," which exempts firearms, accessories and ammunition made and kept in state from federal gun regulations. The firearms in question also must have "Made in Alaska" stamped on them.

That law goes into effect today; the talking heads blathered something-or-other about Montana, but neglected to mention Tennessee having done the same thing, with the same result: letters from the BATFE threatening dire results if gun dealers attempt to follow state law.

And the beat goes on ...


Anonymous said...

And to think once we were FREE.

See Ya.

The Farmer said...

Yes we do have that here in Montana. Same results. Nada. Zip.
Firearms have to be manufactured here and not just assembled. Only a couple of places doing though. A company in Kalispel that manufactures AR-15s. That same company gave away a rather nice rifle to the first person to bring in a filled wolf permit.