15 March 2013

Unalaska Police Blotter

From the Dutch Harbor Telegraph:

Suspicious Activity - Off-duty officer reported several youthful miscreants had flipped the officer off, followed the officer home, looked through the front windows and yelled. Several of the youths had had contact with the officer the night before, when they misbehaved at a school dance.

Welfare Check – Caller asked that officers check on her fiancé, from whom she had not heard for four hours. The fiancé was found several hours later asleep in his office.

Drunk Disturbance –
Officers responded to the airport regarding an intoxicated passenger who had been denied boarding and was arguing with and yelling at airline personnel. The man was advised to quit drinking and attempt to fly the next day.

Welfare Check –
Officers checked on two drunks who were found on the seats outside the airport terminal.  One of the drunks, who could speak only in two-word vulgarities and fell off his seat while doing so, was eventually taken to the clinic for definitive care.

Welfare Check –
A drunk who couldn’t quite remember where he lives was given a ride by an officer who was quite familiar with the drunk and his residence.

Welfare Check –
Caller asked officers to check on his next door, who had left his vehicle running for several hours and who was not answering his phone. An officer contacted the neighbor, who had simply fallen asleep.

Theft –
Woman reported some perfume had been stolen from her room, date unknown, at some point after she lost her room keys, date also unknown. No suspects were identified.

Public Safety -
Travel advisory upgraded to Category 2 due to heavy snowfall over icy roads, whiteout conditions and avalanches rendering some roads impassable.

MVA Damage –
A tractor-trailer driver slid off an icy road, sunk deep in a ditch and rolled partway over. The driver was uninjured.

Assault –
Tristen R. Burris, 38 yoa, of Kodiak, was arrested on charges of Assault IV after he activated a fire extinguisher and sprayed it in a man’s face from only a short distance away.

Trespass –
Officer issued a trespass advisement, per Unisea Security, to a man who had just emptied a fire extinguisher into a Unisea employee’s face.


threecollie said...

"A drunk who couldn’t quite remember where he lives"....priceless!

Rev. Paul said...

That is rather good, isn't it? :)

PioneerPreppy said...

An officer who was very familiar with the drunks residence...


I like the double posting of the fire extinguisher incident too.

Rev. Paul said...

PioneerPreppy, I liked that too.