24 May 2013

Friday's Police Blotter: "I Hit Him Because He Made Me Cry"

From the Dutch Harbor Telegraph:

Noise Disturbance – Officers responded to a noise disturbance at a Unisea bunkhouse. The loud, drunken woman who made the complaint was unable to identify who had been disturbing her sleep.

Suspicious Person/Activity – A man reported being threatened by another man, of whom he was able to provide only a vague description. He asked that officers locate the nondescript suspect and talk to him. Officers were surprisingly unable to positively identify the unremarkable man in question.

Fire Safety – Fire personnel responded to the apartment of a woman who reported that her smoke alarm was beeping incessantly.

Assistance Rendered –
An officer helped a homeowner change the batteries in her smoke alarm, so the incessant beeping would stop. The Fire Chief returned to the homeowner’s residence a few minutes later and helped her change the batteries in her other smoke alarm, so that it too would quit beeping.

Alarms – Fire personnel responded to the apartment of a woman who reported that her smoke alarm was beeping incessantly.

Fire Response – Fire personnel responded to a residence regarding a report of a petroleum product smell emanating from someplace nearby. The smell was determined to be from recently laid asphalt.

Assistance Rendered – Officers assisted fire personnel with a search for the source of a petrochemical odor. They found it.

Harassment – Caller reported having been harassed at, threatened at and fired from his previous place of employment, in October of last year. Officers determined that the man had been fired after being caught on video surveillance smoking crack cocaine and allowing non-employees to utilize company sleeping quarters, and that the man had never reported any harassment to his then-supervisors.

Assault – Skipper I. Kouch, 44 yoa, of Hawaii, was arrested on one count of Assault IV after he punched another man in the face several times. Kouch told officer the victim had made him cry.


Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

There seems to be a lot of alcohol related problems in Alaska.

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, all these police blotter posts are from the same town (Dutch Harbor). And yes, they do seem to drink a lot.

Keads said...

Ah alcohol, creator and solver of man's problems!

Rev. Paul said...

Kelly, you're at least half right! :^)