11 May 2013

Standing in Line, and a New Follower

Amy Morgan has clicked the "Follow this Blog" button. Welcome, ma'am - and thank you.

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You'll recall our experience, last week, waiting for ammo supplies at Big Box Store (arriving an hour early, being 250th in line, and having them run out of what Daughter wanted before we got to the counter).

Today's line was considerably longer. But Daughter arrived at 7:15, and was 4th. I joined her about a half hour before the doors opened at 0900.

Last week, they had a couple of pallets of ammo in various calibers, plus whatever would fit on the shelves behind the counter. This week, they had about 1/10th that much. There were very limited supplies of .308, 9mm, .45acp, and .22LR. We were rationed to one box per caliber, so she and I each purchased a box of .22, and one of 9mm.

But with only what would fit on a single shelf available, I'm thinking there were going to be some unhappy customers in that line.

Such is life at the tail end of the supply line.*

* Specifically referring to Alaska here, not the folks who arrived to late to get what they wanted. But I guess it applies to that, too.


SENIOR said...

Well atleast this time you didn't go away empty handed. Be patient my friend, things will turn around when BIG SIS runs out of money, oh wait a minute, they will just print more. Sorry.....

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Soon this will calm briefly, that will be your chance to stock your ammo. One of our Senators in Oklahoma sponsored a senate bill to stop our government from buying up all the ammo preventing the general public the opportunity to purchase supplies.

Rev. Paul said...

Yes, Senior; Daughter was happier this time 'round.

Sandy, I'm apparently one of the few: I stocked up what I needed last summer, before the current crunch. These Saturday morning trips have been to bolster my daughters' supplies.