07 June 2013

Fairbanks Man Killed by Bear Mauling (UPDATE)

Alaska State Troopers say a Fairbanks man died in an apparent bear mauling Thursday night near Delta Junction, after another person at the scene hid inside a cabin.

According to a Friday AST dispatch, troopers received a report of the incident in which 64-year-old Robert Weaver died, outside a cabin at George Lake, just before 6:45 p.m. Thursday.

“It was reported that one individual was on the ground outside the cabin, condition unknown,” troopers wrote. “The second individual sought shelter inside the cabin and called for help.”

... “While the Alaska Wildlife Trooper was conducting the death investigation, a black bear wandered on scene,” troopers wrote. “The bear was dispatched by the Trooper. It is unknown if the dispatched bear is the same animal that reportedly mauled Weaver.”

Article here.

UPDATE:  The article now opens with "A bear killed a 64-year-old Fairbanks man late Thursday outside a cabin on George Lake, southeast of Delta Junction, according to Alaska State Troopers." I guess the overly-cautious description in the earlier version lead to questions like the one Well Seasoned Fool asks in comments, below. :)


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Possible bear mauling? They couldn't tell?

Rev. Paul said...

It does seem oddly cautious, doesn't it?

Old NFO said...

Interesting way of reporting it... The 'one' case I've seen it was really obvious!

Rev. Paul said...

Concur, NFO - ain't much else like it ... leastways, not in these parts.

Sorry; channeling my southern Missouri upbringing for a second. :)

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Okay now, I'm being a little silly here and I'm from Michigan The trooper dispatches the bear??? Now do people in Alaska use the word dispatch in another content when relating to a bear?

There are ways of telling if the bear who entered the scene is the actual bear who attacked and killed the man.

PioneerPreppy said...

Perhaps it was just made to look like a bear mauling and the person inside the cabin did it.

Or maybe the wolves are attempting to make their tactics look like bear attacks now.

You can't be too sure of these things anymore ya know :)

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, once he was dispatched, the trooper dispatched the bear with dispatch. :)

Preppy, I'm sure the investigation will reveal if the person who hid in the cabin played a role (other than hiding). But wolves pretending ..? That's funny.

Murphy's Law said...

As we say here in WV: "I reckon that ba'ar needed killin'."

But +1 on the wolves as possible suspects, too...and someone needs to make sure that the craven coward hiding inside didn't knock this guy out and sprinkle seasoning on him to attract said hungry bear. Bears do love hunny, don'cha know.

Rev. Paul said...

I strongly suspect that the Fish & Wildlife guys know the difference between bear & wolf tracks. That said, the relative who ran indoors MAY have chosen the wiser alternative, IF he/she was stupid enough to be moving around in bear country without a weapon.

Hunny is a powerful incentive, though. :)