06 June 2013

Police Blotter: Annoying Siblings & Drunken Louts, But I Repeat Myself

Domestic Disturbance – Officers responded to a residence wherein two siblings were engaged in a drunken argument. Officers departed the scene after telling the two men to get along, but returned after one brother claimed the other stole his bottle of liquor. Officers located the allegedly stolen bottle of liquor on the floor next to the victim.

Welfare Check – Officers responded again to a residence wherein one intoxicated brother was concerned about his equally intoxicated sibling. Officers requested an ambulance per the sibling’s request.

Domestic Disturbance – Officers responded yet again to the home of the drunken brothers, where one of the siblings was being a pest and was unable to get out of his chair. An ambulance was called.

Domestic Disturbance Officers responded yet another time to the home of the drunken brothers, where one of the siblings was allegedly causing problems for the other. Officers told the brothers to get along.

Suspicious Person/Activity – Caller reported someone was smoking pot while riding his bicycle. An officer searched for the suspect but was unable to locate anyone matching his description.

Noise Disturbance – Caller reported loud music from a neighboring house. Officers contacted an intoxicated, belligerent man and his comrades in the suspect residence and advised him of the complaint. The man’s comrades apologized for their friend’s behavior.

Civil – Business manager reported that an employee’s wife was threatening another employee with a lawsuit because the other employee’s children are noisy.


PioneerPreppy said...

Heh Noisy lawsuits and drunk brothers. I can;t understand how that town stays together.

Rev. Paul said...

It's a company town, I think, with most folks working either for the cannery, or the fishing boats. I guess they stay because the money's good ... and apparently, because there's plenty of spare time.

Old NFO said...

Drunks... Better than movies in small towns... :-)

Rev. Paul said...

I know what you mean, NFO. They can be quite entertaining, unless they turn mean.

Sandy said...

I say if there not killing one another and both parties are drinking let them battle it out. Save the police for real crime.

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, I hear you. It sounds to me as if the Dutch Harbor PD is doing its best to keep things from escalating. They're actually functioning as "peace officers ... the way it used to be everywhere it else.