13 June 2013

Unhappy Faces

On people here in Anchorage, that is.

We've just seen the forecast for the next few days, and it's not good. You know how I brag about our moderate temps? How the average high in July is about 68 degrees?

Most of the weather-heads here are talking about 82 on Saturday, 85 on Sunday, and 90 on Monday. That's not good.

Not only do we have the thickened blood & acclimatization to a cool climate, but there's no air conditioning in most residences.

Why, you ask?

Because who puts A/C in a house where the average summer temperature is 68 degrees?

It's going to be a miserable few days, but could be worse. We don't have tornadoes or flooding. As long as there's a breeze, we'll get by. But there will be a lot of locals on Monday evening lying on the floor of their houses, with all 11 fans running.

Either that, or the entire population of Anchorage will jump into Cook Inlet & refuse to leave the water until the temps come down!


Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Okay, now you have me intrigued what is in the picture above?

Oh my, you're having a hot spell. Yes, so much better than tornadoes and flooding.

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, from the lady who took the picture (in Juneau), that's a black bear eating the neighbor's chicken, on her front porch.

PioneerPreppy said...

Ya that's gotta suck. 90? How's the humidity? I know when I moved from Missouri to New Mexico for a Summer I was freezing my butt off when it was 100 degrees.

And my nose bled constantly.

threecollie said...

Can't complain about the weather being boring this year, that's for sure.

ProudHillbilly said...

Ow! Yeah, 90 will suffocate you guys.

Rev. Paul said...

Preppy, it's no fun. Our daytime humidity tends to be quite low (35% - 40%), so we're just hoping it will be breezy on the hot days. And yeah, skin lotion retailers make a bloody fortune up here.

threecollie, that's an understatement. :)

PH, it would indeed. We just hope they're wrong.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

It looked like a bear but I didn't want to assume.

Rev. Paul said...

No worries.