23 July 2013

Alaskan Odds & Ends

State wildlife biologist says the proposed "moose fence" along Minnesota Drive would make things worse, and could increase the number of collisions. Alrighty, then.

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An Alaska Air jet landing at Anchorage on Sunday had to abort & go around due to a chartered 737 that taxied onto the runway without authorization. A spokesman "downplayed the incident Sunday, saying the FAA estimates the two jets were 8,500 feet, or more than a mile, apart and air traffic controllers followed routine procedures."

Passengers were a bit alarmed, they said. Ya think?

* * * * *
While we're on the topic of aviation, here's something you don't see everyday:  "Injuries minor as plane collides with fishing boat in SW Alaska." It was a floatplane, 'kay? I'll give you two guesses which craft wound up upside down in the water, though. (No fair peeking!)

Read more here: http://www.adn.com/2013/07/22/2985565/plane-collides-with-fishing-oat.html#storylink=cpy
Aw, you peeked!

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And finally, there's this: "Warning to Kodiak boaters: beware of sleeping whales."


ProudHillbilly said...

Plane on way to runway, suddenly radically changes course. Yeah, that would bother me.

Rev. Paul said...

You betcha, PH. 30 feet off the ground, suddenly changes course & starts climbing?

That would do it.