30 July 2013

Popular Trail Closed Due to Bear Attack

From the Anchorage Daily News, about a trail some three miles from my house:

A man hiking on a popular Turnagain Arm trail near the Seward Highway killed a charging brown bear with a semi-automatic AK-74 rifle Sunday, prompting Chugach State Park rangers to close a section of the popular trail.

... “The bear presented its rear end to him,” [Tom Crockett, park ranger] said.

The man called, “Hey, bear,” hoping not to startle the animal, he said. The bear turned and charged, the hiker later told rangers.

The man fired the AK-74 he was carrying, Crockett said. The bear stopped after the first volley of shots, and then charged again.

The man fired once more, Crockett said.

That time the bear folded into a ball, rolling and running downhill and thudding to a stop in a clump of birch trees about 100 yards from the trail.

“There it expired,” Crockett said.

Crockett estimated the bear weighed 500 to 600 pounds.

Just another slice of Alaskan life. Of course, the crybabies in Congress would prefer that the man be killed by the bear, rather than defend himself. As it is, however, he'll face no charges.

Read the whole story at the link.


ProudHillbilly said...

First thought was relief that the guy wasn't charged with a crime for killing the bear as has happened in the lower 48.

Rev. Paul said...

Understood - but it's legal to shoot an attacking bear in Alaska, even in a national park.

Max said...

Fired once more... good shot!

Rev. Paul said...

Indeed ... and even with a too-small caliber. :)

Anonymous said...

Sir you have it wrong!
First lamestream media report I saw this AM about said incident..
Was that he used an ASSAULT Rifle to murder the bear...

Just saying...

Rev. Paul said...

Heh. The Daily News included an accurate description: "a semi-automatic AK-74 rifle".

The lamestream opinions? Feh. They're entitled to theirs, no matter how stupid it is.

Romilda Gareth said...