05 July 2013

Unalaska Police Blotter: Driving With a Broken Leg, & Stealing From the Police

Public Safety – Officer contacted 4 individuals walking in the roadway, effectively blocking the entire road. The individuals, all of whom were intoxicated, were advised to use the sidewalk.

Noise Disturbance – Complainant reported her neighbor’s dog was barking which was preventing her from sleeping. Officers were unable to locate any canines, baying or otherwise.

Animal – Caller reported that someone was feeding the eagles causing a hazard as one of the eagles had flown into her truck. Officers investigated and discovered that the eagles were not being fed but were congregating, as eagles are known to do.

Welfare Check – Officers assisted an individual who had sustained a broken leg and was driving to the clinic.

Theft - Clinton King, 26 y.o.a. from Washington State, charged with Theft 3 for taking a pair of flip-flops from the Unalaska Jail Facility. 

Public Safety - Officer contacted 2 individuals who appeared to be preparing to jump off of the South Channel Bridge into Captain’s Bay. The two were advised of the inherent dangers of this activity and decided against tempting fate.

Assistance Rendered - Officers discovered an individual sleeping on the sidewalk. The individual had become tired after a long night of imbibing and decided to take a nap. The inebriate was assisted to his abode.


Old NFO said...

Driving with a BROKEN LEG??? That is one TOUGH SOB!

Chickenmom said...

How do you stand all that excitement?

Well Seasoned Fool said...

+1 NFO.

Rev. Paul said...

NFO, the blotter goes on to another account about EMS assisting a female with a broken leg. The TOUGH SOB may be a woman, which doesn't surprise me much.

Chickenmom, their blotter is a lot more entertaining than ours. :)

WSF, indeed!

Old NFO said...

Man OR woman=TOUGH SOB...LOL

Anonymous said...

Good to know people can be idiots all over.
Oh, wait!
This applies to the TJIC post, too!



Rev. Paul said...

Sad but true, gfa.

threecollie said...

Delightful as always

Rev. Paul said...

I'm glad you like these things, threecollie. :)