26 July 2013

Unalaska Police Blotter: "Nice Driving"

Environmental – Caller reported that Coast Guard personnel were attacked by a protective eagle at the Dutch Harbor Post Office, and mentioned that no signs warned of impending danger from the native wildlife. An officer responded to the area and picked up the blown-over signs that warned of said danger.

Noise Disturbance – Officer advised several men who were playing music while filling a cement mixer that there had been a complaint about the volume of the music, but not the mixer. The men turned off their radio.

Harassment – Man reported that his neighbor was intentionally harassing him by parking on the property line he had drawn between their two properties the previous day. The woman apologized and immediately moved her vehicle after being contacted by police.

Drunk Disturbance – Officer responded to the Airport Bar regarding an obnoxious patron who had expressed his reluctance to leave the premises by punching and kicking windows and doors. The man had fled the area by the time officers arrived. No property was damaged by his tirade.

Trespass – The obnoxious patron caused additional, similar problems at the Grand Aleutian Hotel, and was advised, per Unisea Security, that he was no longer welcome at any Unisea liquor establishment.

Criminal Mischief – A woman found that the inside of her vehicle had been sprayed with some type of mildly acidic substance which caused significant skin, mucous and eye irritation. One suspect was tentatively identified. Under investigation.

Drunk Disturbance – A dipsomaniac reported that another man had threatened him with an aggressive stance. Officers advised the drunkard to go home for the night.

Criminal Mischief – Caller reported that a neighbor had used his chest freezer as a stool to gain access to a window, and had broken the freezer by turning it on its side. The suspect readily admitted to having used the freezer in just such a manner, and agreed to pay for a new one if in fact the freezer was broken as a result of his actions.

Traffic Crime – Two drivers who did not have an accident did have a minor altercation in the bank when one driver accused the other of “nice driving.”


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