28 August 2013

A Tale of Two Monsters

The small world of giant pumpkins in Alaska just got bigger.

The state's field of competitive growers -- all two of them -- squared off at the Alaska State Fair's Midnight Sun Giant Cabbage Weigh-Off on Tuesday.

Anchorage's Dale Marshall hauled in a pale orange 1,182-pound monster that edged out state record holder J.D. Megchelsen for the top prize.
Pumpkin judges and J.D. Megchelsen check out the bottom of Megchelsen's large pumpkin at the Alaska State Fair pumpkin weigh-off, Tuesday, August 27, 2013. It was disqualified for having a hole, but weighed in at 1289 lbs.
ZAZ HOLLANDER — Anchorage Daily News
Megchelsen's pumpkin actually weighed more -- 1,289 pounds, two pounds over his own record -- but a hole in the bottom disqualified the Nikiski grower's entry from the competition.

Marshall was modest in victory. After all, he grew a monster 1,789-pound pumpkin two years ago that got disqualified for a small hole that extended into the inner cavity. That violates fair rules requiring structurally sound produce.

 We were disappointed to find - after we arrived at the fair on Sunday - that the giant veggies wouldn't be on display until later. Ah, well.


Max said...

I grew pumpkins last year and won't do it again unless I have 40 acres. I did do some gorilla planting up the street in front of a neighbors property, the pumpkins are looking good there!

Rev. Paul said...

It looks like a lot of work to get 'em that big.

PioneerPreppy said...

I guess it's all the Sunlight you guys get. I had some good sized ones this year but damn.

Oh ya and the old tractor pics were great. I love old tractors.

Rev. Paul said...

Preppy, you combine 22 hours of daylight with the rich volcanic soil, and the 100-day growing season produces explosive growth. And thanks; glad you liked the tractors.

Old NFO said...

Those monsters are something else!!!

Rev. Paul said...

Truly impressive.