22 August 2013

Passengers on Troubled Cruise Ship Near Rioting

according to some who called the Ketchikan police.

Ketchikan police responded Tuesday night to several emergency calls from passengers on board the stranded Celebrity ship Millennium. Apparently, the callers thought there was going to be a riot.

Here’s police chief Alan Bengaard: “We, the police department, received three 911 calls from passengers on the MV Millennium who stated that people were getting unruly on board the ship, and they believed  a riot was about to begin. Officers responded to the ship, met with ship security and advised them of the 911 calls. Ship security and officers contacted approximately 500 guests on the third floor of the vessel, and subsequently peace was restored and officers left.”

from www.krbd.org
Bengaard says those 500 people were upset about Celebrity Cruise’s plans for where they would go when flown out of Ketchikan.

“The officers … were given the information that some of the passengers were unhappy with the miscommunication between them and the cruise line, and ultimately where their final destination was going to be,” he said. “Initially, evidentially, they were told they were going to be flown to Anchorage, and plans had changed and some were upset with that.”

Bengaard says he believes the passengers will instead be flown to Vancouver.

So ... passengers had to learn in a round-about way that they're flying to Canada instead of staying in Alaska. Any wonder why they're upset?


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Someone probably started a rumor they were being flown to Unalaska.

Rev. Paul said...

That would do it!

Old NFO said...

Snerk, gotta love cruise lines.... NOT!

Rev. Paul said...

Agreed, NFO. Used to sound like a good idea, but no more.