14 September 2013

The Weekend, Part 1

I've got nothing in particular, this morning. The weather started out foggy, and although Accu-Hunch predicted we'd be socked in until noon, the sun has been shining brightly for the last hour.

It's cool (47) and breezy, and the Mrs. & I have some shopping to do. That invariably prompts some observations on human behavior, so who knows what I'll have to write about, later.

Have a great Saturday! and thanks for stopping by.


Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

47 degrees, oh boy now that's nice and cool. We actually had 63 degrees this morning.

Shopping, have fun. As I get old, I find myself not enjoying shopping as much as used too.

Rev. Paul said...

I don't mind shopping so much, Sandy, if I know it's to get something good like some home electronics. Groceries, etc, I go along to keep my wife company & help her carry, but "enjoy" is too strong a word. :)