14 September 2013

The Weekend, Part 2

One of the things for which we shopped this morning was that my bride wished for an electric fireplace in the living room. Since space is somewhat limited, we needed to get one that was both that and an entertainment center.

Found what we wanted at Lowe's, so we called Older Daughter to bring her pick'emup truck to haul it home for us.

The box would have fit in the back of my Escape - just - but you see, Sam's had this really nice flat-screen TV on sale, and so there was a large box already occupying the available space in the itty truck. (Once in awhile, I still miss the Expedition...)

So now I'll be spending the afternoon by first disconnecting the old TV, DVR/cable box, and the front portion of the home theatre system. Then we'll clean behind where it all sat.

Then I'll replace the receptacles in the wall, which have gotten loose.

Then we'll take the old TV & large table/base down to the garage, and bring all the new shiny stuff back upstairs, and reassemble all the cables, cords, speakers, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Then I'll lay my tired bones down upon the recliner, nevermore to rise again. At least not until after dinner. 


Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Now this sounds like it was a very exciting shopping trip. Both you and your sweet wife bought things you both wanted, needed. And I bet the shopping was quick and painless too :-)
I say there is no reason to get up, just sit where it's nice and warm with the fireplace, and watch a football game on your new TV.

Anonymous said...

Good for you!

In advance of the TV stations switch to digital, I was lucky enough to upgrade from a 25" Sharp (over 2 feet deep) to a 32" Dynex ! (which I told to understands has LG internals!) Then, I saw an 'open box' 42"...
I now have the 32" in my bedroom, and the 42" in our living room!!

Sadly, just like any other technology, you can't go backwards.

Who would want dial-up, if they'd used a router?


Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, that's a nice thought. These new components are our Christmas presents to each other, so we'd best get all the enjoyment we can! :)

Guffaw, going back - at this point - is out of the question. Doesn't bear thinking about, as long as the stations keep transmitting. Make that, "as long as the blu-ray player keeps working." Heh.