14 September 2013

The Weekend, Part 3

Out with the old:
Samsung 61" DLP* TV

and in with the new:
Vizio 60" LCD TV, on top of the electric fireplace
It's a bit higher. Okay, a lot higher than the old unit, which will take some getting used to. But it sure looks nice.

My bum knee hurts. Gonna go sit down & scroll through the menus, and see what it can do.

p.s. (Anyone local want a 61" TV & stand? Comes with the remote, the stand shown in the first picture above, and a replacement bulb unit. Drop me a line at manager208ATgmailDOTcom, and we can talk.)

* Digital Light Processor. It was Texas Instruments' alternative to the LCD screen, which leaves you with a very large, bright picture, but the TV is roughly 16" deep from front to back.


Old NFO said...

You'll have fun with that new one!!! :-)

joated said...

Looking good!

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, fellas. We have a long, cold winter ahead, which is why we went to the big screen in the first place. Lots of snowy evenings with little else to do, you know. :)

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,
I say living in Alaska it's required to have a good television because you spend a lot of time inside staying warm.

Nice looking TV my friend, enjoy.
Remember all kinds of football going on today :-)

Rev. Paul said...

That's it exactly, Sandy. Thanks.