10 September 2013

Unalaska Police Blotter: Quiet No Longer

Remember the other day, when I suggested that Unalaska might be seeing a slow-down in its drunk-and-disorderly rate?

Yeah ... not so much.

Suspicious Person/Activity- Caller reported finding a bloody sweatshirt in some bushes. Officers responded and observed the sweatshirt with the heavy presence of fish scales, slime and blood and determined the sweatshirt had been discarded after someone had used it to clean fish.

Suspicious Person/Activity – Caller reported several people swimming in the City Dam at Icy Creek. Officers responded contacted the individuals and advised them to not swim in the City water supply. The individuals left a short time later.

Welfare Check – Caller reported an individual passed out in his vehicle. Officers responded and contacted the individual who stated that he was working on his vehicle when he fell asleep on the seat. No consumption of alcohol was detected on the subject.

Public Safety – Caller reported an intoxicated male at the Unalaska Visitor Center. Officers responded and contacted the subject who said he was trying to purchase an Alaska flag. Officer advised the subject to go home and return when he sobers up. Subject complied.

Assault- Caller reported two individuals fighting in the middle of the road. Officer responded and observed the individuals wrestling in the middle of the road. Officer interceded and broke up the melee. Both subjects who were intoxicated did not want to pursue charges and apologized to each other.

Assault – Officers responded to the Harbor View Bar regarding an altercation between two female patrons, one of whom had videotaped the other dancing. Eventually both women agreed to leave the other alone.

Liquor Law Violation – Officers contacted a man who had been consuming alcohol in public, and advised him it was a violation to do so. The man’s contentious behavior improved considerably after security officers for his employers advised him he could lose his job.

Theft – Caller reported a vehicle, left unlocked with the keys inside, had been stolen from the airport sometime in the last few days. About an hour later the caller reported that the vehicle had been found, at the airport.

Domestic Disturbance – Caller reported his brother being drunk and abusive. Officers responded and observed the two highly intoxicated brothers. One brother was accusing the other of not doing anything around the house. Both subjects were advised to behave civilly and to discuss their problems when they sober up.

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