07 October 2013

Muse? What Muse?

I've got plenty o' nuthin', this morning. The local news is slim pickings, and the only story anyone really cares about (locally) is the predicted wind & rain moving in late today or tonight.

About 60 per cent of our leaves are down now, and with 40mph winds in the forecast, we probably won't have many at all by Wednesday.

There are plenty of good reads on the sidebar, so help yourself to the free ice cream. Thanks for stopping by.

Meanwhile, the locals are double-checking to make sure they're ready in case of another period of power outages due to downed branches or trees taking out power lines.

Do you have everything you need?


Anonymous said...

You're allowed.
Set a spell. Take your shoes off.
(Well, perhaps not in your climate!)

We'll wait.


Rev. Paul said...

It's warm enough, indoors. :) But work has reared its ugly head again ... relaxation comes later.

Teresa said...

I wish I could get revved up enough to put out more than one measly post a week. Not sure what it is for the last little while. No gumption. LOL.

Rev. Paul said...

I hear you, Teresa. I've been feeling like I'm out of gas for several months now.