26 December 2013

Naming Inanimate Objects, and Other Trivia

Happy Boxing Day, St. Stephen's Day, Second Christmas, depending on whether you're in the UK, Italy, or perhaps Amish country. But happy December 26th, anyway!

* * * * *
I've never been one to name my firearms, although I was tempted to do so with my favorite old black-powder hunting rifle. I still miss that one.

But the new M1 Garand seems to cry out for a name. Still seems a little silly to name an object, but "Liberty" feels right. Hmm. Any thoughts?

* * * * *
It's a sweltering 4 degrees at the ol' homestead this morning, and there was a decent buildup of frost on the cars. Fortunately, since we had a high of 0° F. yesterday, the frost was not hard to scrape. (It was -9° at noon yesterday, which didn't encourage anyone to leave the house. Go figure.)

AccuHunch is warning that it could be as cool as -15° tonight. That'll be a bit nippy in the morning.
The car I'm currently driving is a little fussy when it's really cold, but it still does okay.

Won't stop me from replacing it with a nice SUV, come springtime or sooner, as finances allow.

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I notice that three new folks have clicked the "Follow this site" button. Welcome!

Random thoughts are all I have this morning, so this must suffice. Y'all have a wonderful Thursday, and thanks for stopping by.


Old NFO said...

Liberty works... Since that is the gun that brought an end to the German/Japanese aggression...

Rev. Paul said...

That's what I was thinking, NFO. Thanks.

Max said...

I say things like 'where is my little pistol, where is my shield, where is my carbine, where is my new carbine'.
If I yelled around the house asking where liberty was, what would the neighbors think?

Oh, in case you are wondering, they are usually in the safe, but I like one in each room, can't help myself.

Rev. Paul said...

You're probably right, Max. I'd never actually use a name for the thing, even if I thought it was appropriate.

Besides, "M1" is a perfectly satisfactory appellation. :)

Sunnybrook Farm said...

I never thought about naming my M1 but let's see, it is a Springfield and sits in the corner with a clip stuck on the sling, ready to go but it does pick up a little dust. How about Dusty Springfield? lol
Liberty is a good name.

Rev. Paul said...

"Dusty Springfield" ... LOL!

Anonymous said...

I like giving female names to machina.

Miss Liberty?


Rev. Paul said...

Why, yes I do, Guffaw. That's why I want to name her. :)

Miss Liberty ain't bad at all!