24 February 2014

Photos: Fur Rondy Sled Dog Races

Westbound & down - making the final sprint toward the finish line on 4th Avenue.

Same thing, looking toward the finish - MUSH!

Photo gallery here.


PioneerPreppy said...

Those dogs don't look like the typical sled dog as portrayed in modern media. In fact they look like normal dogs to my untrained eye.

Rev. Paul said...

Good call, Preppy. A lot of the Rondy mushers use non-traditional dogs, rather than the ubiquitous Malamutes one sees in the longer races.

Corey said...

The dogs look happy

Rev. Paul said...

They are, Corey - they seem uniformly eager to run, and will leap straight into the air when the 'snow brakes' are planted, trying to get going. It's an amazing sight.