28 March 2014

A Long Day and a Lot of History

Spent the day with an ex-Army officer tour guide and a few other vets and their wives, learning about the Progressive policies of the 1930s which culminated in the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. And yes, the Hawaii-based brass & intelligence types knew of the pemding attack and went out of their way to ignore it. 

But all the photos are on my good camera, so the pix and post about today will have to wait.

For now, you might want to Google the following location:


drjim said...

My sweetie and I are going to Hawaii next summer. She had been putting money aside for years to take her granddaughter there as a high-school graduation present, BUT her granddaughter decided not to finish high-school (wtf?), so we'll be using the money instead.

I plan on taking a whole roll of paper towels when we visit the Arizona Memorial.....

Old NFO said...

Yep, Kolekole Pass has a historic connection to Dec 7 too!