27 March 2014

Pearl Harbor

Friday at 0545, a bus will take me to Pearl Harbor for a tour of the Harbor, Schofield Barracks, the USS Arizona Memorial, USS Missouri, and other historical sites. 

When we visited Pearl three (four?) years ago, the Arizona's dock was closed for maintenance ... and I hadn't even known the Missouri was there. I'm making up for that now. 

I will pay my respects to those who were killed in that attack , and to those few survivors who are still with us. 

In the suspicion that many of you would like to do so as well, I'll keep all y'all in mind. 


Old NFO said...

And visit the new museum on Ford Island too!

Cathy said...

Thanks for you thoughtfulness in carrying our thoughts with you, Rev. Paul.
Wish we could be with you.

Keads said...

Thanks Shepard!