28 July 2014

Anchorage 2nd Amendment Task Force: Alaska Senate Race

The Alaska Senatorial Election
Below you will find information to consider when voting for the Senate.
Mark Begich-Democrat

Mark Begich as Mayor of Anchorage was asked by Anchorage 2ATF member George Hines to remove the unlawful anti-gun signs around Anchorage. Begich refused and stated "It's the citizens responsibility to know his rights." When we asked the same of Mayor Sullivan he said we are right and most of the signs have been removed.

Senator Begich has consistently voted for anti-gun appointees of the administration. Kagan and Sotomayor are examples.

Agenda 21 affects land management, access and state management of hunting and fishing resources. Senator Begich is a proponent of UN Agenda 21. As mayor of Anchorage he enrolled Anchorage in ICLEI which is the organization implementing Agenda 21 locally. Opposition to Agenda 21 is vital if we are going to control our own resources and future.
Those not familiar with Agenda 21you can get a 10 minute glimpse HERE.
Dan Sullivan-Republican

Dan Sullivan claims he passed the "Stand Your Ground law." The facts dispute this claim. Dan Sullivan's name is on a letter from the Dept. of Law to Jay Ramras opposing the stand your ground law. You will find a copy of the letter attached to this email and it can be viewed at the link below on the state website.

Dan Sullivan is a member of the CFR which is considered an arm of the UN. Everyone should be aware that the UN opposes the private ownership of arms. We have no evidence of Sullivan supporting or opposing UN Agenda 21 but as a member of the CFR he probably supports it.

See the letter opposing stand your ground can be seen HERE.

Click on HB381 LAW LETTER.pdf or see the attached copy of the letter.
Friday, June 20th, 2014 in a radio ad Senate candidate Dan Sullivan says he passed 'stand your ground' in Alaska. 

For a chuckle read the Treadwell Campaign Sign Challenge which has been met with silence.  CHEK OUT THE CHALLENGE HERE
Tom Anderson: Sullivan feeling a "Duty to Retreat"?  READ HERE
Sullivan didn't want Alaskans to stand their ground.


There are numorous articles about Sullivan and stand your ground from other sources.
Mead Treadwell-Republican

Lt. Governor Treadwell states he is in total support of the second amendment. Treadwell has been a supporter of UN Agenda 21 programs in Alaska. He claims to oppose Agenda 21 but the record says otherwise. The UN is rabidly opposed to private firearms ownership and we have concerns about how cozy Treadwell may be with UN policies. He has supported Law of the Sea and Coastal management programs. See an example HERE. Hopefully he will rethink his support for Agenda 21 programs.
Joe Miller-Republican

Joe Miller is considered a no compromise hardcore 2nd amendment advocate. We know Joe Miller is opposed to Agenda 21.
Mark Fish-Libertarian

Mark Fish is an uncompromising 2nd amendment supporter. He also owns black powder arms to modern. Fish is a fierce supporter of the Bill of Rights. Mark Fish states "Rights secured by the 2nd Amendment are absolute. Given the opportunity I would vote to repeal the GCA of 1934 and 1968 as well as abolish the BATFE." We know Mark Fish is opposed to Agenda 21.
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Old NFO said...

Ouch, a bunch of bad choices there...

Rev. Paul said...

I know, NFO; it's baffling why we can't field a decent conservative candidate without all the other baggage.

Anonymous said...

And how sad is it that there must be a 2nd Amendment Task Force?
Of course, in today's political climate, we should have one each for Amendments 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.
And there shouldn't be a necessity for ANY!


Rev. Paul said...

Extremely good point, gfa. It's sad.