20 August 2014

Primary Election Results

in which you might be interested.

Dan Sullivan will be the Republican opposite Sen. Mark Begich in November. Joe Miller is in 2nd place, some 7,000 votes behind, with about 99% of ballots counted.

There was a ballot measure to repeal the current structure and go back to the previous one, in which the tax rate was higher, which would mean more for the State, yes? Except not so much, as it turned out: the rate was high enough that the oil companies closed several operations, the production rate was declining, jobs were lost to North Dakota and other places, and revenue fell off.

And it seems the good voters of Alaska had the sense to recognize that the current tax structure on oil production is working: production starting to go back up, new jobs created, new oil rigs due to come on line soon, and new fields under development.

Those are the only issues of any national impact. I now return you to the ongoing coverage of the riots (or not) in Missouri.

Or funny pictures of cats.


Old NFO said...

Thinking long term instead of short is a GOOD thing!!! Interesting race too...

Rev. Paul said...

A good thing, and unusual these days. My faith in my fellow Alaskans is somewhat restored. :)

Yes, the Senate race will be worth watching.

JMD said...

It is encouraging that voters can still think in some states.

I read where a new mosque is being built in Anchorage. Looks rather large.

Rev. Paul said...

JMD, it's 15,000 sq.ft. I'm not sure how Alaskans will react to it, though.

Cathy said...

Regarding the 'on-going' coverage of those riots.
This analysis is brilliant.

Rev. Paul said...

Cathy, he's right, of course. The police didn't start the conflict.