13 September 2014

A Late Spring Drive, in Pictures

From May, 2010:

Here are just a few photos from yesterday's drive to the south. (Click for the ooh, ahh factor.)

Heading east/southeast out of Anchorage, along the Turnagain Arm.

Halfway to Girdwood, near Bird Point.

Nearing Girdwood.

High in the Kenai Mountains.

Another view on the northbound trip.

 Looking north on the way back near Turnagain Pass.


Vicki said...

Absolutely beautiful! God does some really good work, doesn't He.

Rev. Paul said...

He does indeed, my friend. Good stuff!

Old NFO said...

Hmmm...White stuff... NOT good... :-)

drjim said...

"Late Spring"?!?

In the middle of September?

Do you guys even get a "summer" up there?


threecollie said...

Looks cold....shudder....but pretty, very pretty.

Rev. Paul said...

NFO, that was in May, that year. It's normal for the snow to hang around, that high up.

Jim, it was in May. See above. :)

threecollie, the air was reasonably warm, even at altitude. It's just that the snow is pretty heavy, up in the mountains, and takes a long time to melt.

Anonymous said...

I well remember that drive!
Thought my 2 boy's heads would swivel off trying to look at everything...
Mine probably was also..

Now stop that!!
Makes me want to return and do that drive again!!

Rev. Paul said...

Stop it? Never!!

tee hee hee...

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

You sure do live in a piece of Heaven over there.

It's gorgeous!!

Rev. Paul said...

It truly is, Sandy. Thanks.