12 September 2014

From The Wayback Machine: Kenai Peninsula, Seward, and Resurrection Bay

From a trip a couple years ago:

We rain into rain about three miles south of home, and it rained from that point on, until we were halfway back home last night. To add insult to the rain-soaking, it was coming down at a good clip in Anchorage as we pulled into town. (grins) Just another day of cool summer weather - and given what we see on the weather map in the Lower 48, we'll take it!

A bit of the "ghost forest" - trees killed when submerged in the salt waters of Turnagain Arm during the 9.2 'quake in 1964

Still on the road (another view)

More of that Alaskan sunshine (ahem)

One view of the Seward marina

The Chugach, our excursion vessel

Underway in the rain and fog

Still raining

Fox Island appears from the fog

Arrival at the dining hall

Me, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine ... heh


Vicki said...

I don't get out much, so I'm really loving this tour. Thank you.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

What a beautiful place. Will you be staying the night there on the island.

It's raining here tonight too.

joated said...

Great series of posts. Brought back some fond memories of our 2010 trip. Though we were lucky and didn't run into as much rain. In fact, I can only remember one day of rain in Valdez. Oh yeah, it rained in Homer, too. But that rain fell in town while we were out fishing! 8-)

Rev. Paul said...

Vicky, you're welcome. I've never been anywhere else as photogenic as Alaska, so I understand.

Sandy, the trip was in 2010. They offer overnight accommodations, but we didn't stay that time.

joated, thanks. The weather's never the same twice, but you found that out. :)

Chickenmom said...

Even with all the rain, it's still beautiful. Mountains...sigh

Rob said...

Now I feel colder then I am. LOL

Anonymous said...

Horry Clap!
Keep warm and dry, my friend!

(Looks like a great time!)

PS - It's gonna be 101 here, today!


Cathy said...

Just can't over the 'bigness' . . the wide expanses,
Human 'eyesores' have got a lot of competition from all that wild beauty.

Rev. Paul said...

Chickenmom, I agree. I never EVER get tired of looking at the mountains. :)

Sorry, Rob; and THAT was in late July or August that year.

Guffaw, I feel for you, buddy. It's 55 & raining here today.

Cathy, you're right on the money, as they say.

Anonymous said...

Your determined to make me return, with Wife sometime before I die aren't you!!

Rev. Paul said...

maddmedic: in a word, YES. :)