03 September 2014

It's Police Blotter Time

Domestic Disturbance - Raging roommate attempted roundhouse punch. He claimed his roommates were just too religious and angry at him for being drunk.
So ... I'm guessing his wild swing in their direction didn't help.

Assault - A man who was offended by a joke punched the jokester in the face until he fell to the floor, then smacked him a few more times for failing to apologize quickly enough. The other two men in the room claimed they were unaware of the incident. 
What is it with these humorless roommates?

Public Safety - Officer helped a man determine for himself that he was not in fact capable of driving, and would be better off taking a taxi to his final determination.
Assault - Subject was arrested on one count of Assault IV after he punched another man in the face multiple times, several hours after the two had a heated argument.
No word on whether they were roommates.

Welfare Check - Store manager asked that officers check on a man who appeared to be intoxicated and was clearly having difficulty remaining in a head-up position in the parking lot. 
Homicide Investigation - A woman driving past Bering Fisheries observed two men beating a third, and immediately phoned police. While waiting for officers to respond, she saw one man being punched and kicked down a set of stairs, after which the two assailants left the scene. The victim was pronounced dead shortly after being transported to the clinic.
Given the nature of the altercations reported in the Blotter, I'm frankly surprised this hasn't happened more often.

Drunk Disturbance - Officers responded to a bunkhouse wherein a group of noisy, drunken men were helping another noisy, drunken and obnoxious coworker to his room. Officers suggested the inebriates take their revelry to a location where it would be less offensive to others.

Noise Disturbance - Caller reported hearing a fight in progress at a neighboring residence. A wet woman clad only in a bath towel abashedly explained to responding officers that the "fight" they were investigating at her house was simply loud intimate relations.


PioneerPreppy said...

Looks like one way or another they were still all alcohol related.

Rev. Paul said...

Agreed, Preppy, with the possible exception of that last item. But you never know .. :)