11 September 2014

Police Blotter: "Probably Not a Good Idea"

Criminal Mischief - The owners of an inflatable dinghy reported that the pontoons on their boat had been slashed sometime between Sunday evening and Tuesday. Other minor vandalism was done to the C-Float area during the same time period. The boat owners identified a group of then-intoxicated men as potential suspects but did not wish to have the matter investigated further.
Clearly, a major crime wave in progress...
Assistance Rendered - Drunken caller asked officers to remove a drunken friend from the caller's residence. By the time officers arrived, the caller had forgotten what he wanted.
Assistance Rendered Again - Drunken caller again asked officers to remove the same drunken friend from the caller's residence, then called back to say he no longer needed police assistance.
Assault - The drunken caller's drunken brother reported that the drunken friend had assaulted his brother. An officer responded and found one drunken brother on the floor; the drunken friend was nowhere to be found. Neither brother was able to accurately describe what had happened.  
If at first you don't succeed ..?
Fire Safety - Officer advised a man that burning waste oil in a barrel which was surrounded by other barrels of flammable liquids was probably not a good idea. The man agreed with this assessment and subsequently shut down the incineration operation.
So does that count as inflammatory behavior?


ProudHillbilly said...

OK, that last made my eyes water...

Rev. Paul said...

PH - I suspect the cops &/or firefighters stayed back a few yards, too. :)