12 October 2014

Busy Weekend

Yesterday was Younger Daughter-the-Chef's 19th birthday, so we took her to a new-ish restaurant in town ... but that's a topic for a separate post, still to come.

Here's a hint:

Today my wife and I brought home a load of lumber, to build a 4' x 11', 5' high, shelf - okay, a table -  in the back of the garage. Now we're both going to sit down and watch yesterday's episode of Doctor Who, and eat a pizza.

No, it's not on the list of approved dietary foods, but we've earned it. :)

Pics and restaurant story will have to wait. I have some aches and pains in places I'd almost forgotten about.


joated said...

Busman's holiday for your daughter, eh?

I feel your pain, my friend. Comes from being a weekend warrior in the battle of home chores. ;-)

Tluweyen Smith said...

Rustic Goat.....good food, horrible parking.

Chickenmom said...

Happy Birthday to daughter! And I'm glad you discovered that pizza can cure most aches and pains.

Rev. Paul said...

joated, quite right - on both scores.

Tluweyen, very true.

Chickenmom, thank you. And we've known about the restorative powers of pizza for years. :)

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Happy Belated Birthday To You Daughter.

Yes, I say you've both earned a nice meal in front of the TV to watch Doc Who.....Enjoy!

Rev. Paul said...

Thank you, ma'am!