07 October 2014

It Can't Contradict Itself

I just swung by the local post office, trying to find a correctly-sized shipping box, and I noticed once again the signs prohibiting firearms and other deadly weapons on USPS property.

This, next to a dozen or so good ol' Alaskan boys with an assortment of Leatherman pouches and Buck knives. No weapons? Yeah, right. Try to find an Alaskan without a knife; I'll wait.

But as an intellectual exercise, I wonder:

a) since the General Government* is a creation of the States and the Constitution they adopted, it follows that the G.G. cannot exceed its own Constitutionally-established authority; and

b) said Constitution states that the people have a pre-existent right to keep and bear arms, and prohibits Congress from making any law which infringes upon that right; and

c) any entity created by a contract has only the powers which the signers codified in writing therein; so therefore,

The USPS prohibition against firearms is prima facie unconstitutional. The federal judge who likewise ruled, a few months back, that the G.G. has the right to declare some of its land off-limits to firearms was wrong, too. Or, to put it another way, a federal entity must not restrict a federally-protected right on federal property - it's a contradiction to do so; it's the one place where those rights should be the most zealously guarded.

I do understand the concept of creating a weapons-free zone around a VIP, such as the President; it makes sense to establish a safe perimeter. But that's not tied to the land ... it moves with the person.

That being said, it's the law of the land whether Constitutional or no. I won't violate it, because incurring the wrath of the G.G. is definitely not a good idea, when it can be avoided.

But it is another aggravation; there seem to be an awful lot of them these days.

*Thomas Jefferson's preferred title for it; who am I to second-guess him?


ProudHillbilly said...

Unfortunately, the Gummit agencies involved have decided that it's "theirs" as opposed to the citizens of the U.S.

Rev. Paul said...

It makes one wonder what it would take to convince them otherwise. And whether anyone would ever try.

Vicki said...

I believe it would take a whole lot of folks working together to make government agencies see the error of their ways. I seriously doubt that you could get them away from Monday Night Football or Dancing With the Stars long enough to pull it off.

Rev. Paul said...

Vicki, you're probably right.

Old NFO said...

They make the rules, they don't have to worry about us peons actually being able to overturn them... sigh

Chickenmom said...

Apathy and fear - that's how they do it. When people fear the government....

Rev. Paul said...

NFO - that arrogance would have been their undoing, a generation ago. Now? Not so much.

Chickenmom, too many only care about their next welfare check. The rest hope the monster isn't looking their way.

Anonymous said...

"G.G, you funny little good for nothing G.G.!"


Rev. Paul said...

Guffaw, you crack me up. :)