29 October 2014

Wheelchair Doesn't Limit South High Riflery Coach

When Eric Hollen became the new riflery coach at South High, he called a friend who was uniquely qualified to give him advice -- UAF riflery coach Dan Jordan, who has coached the Nanooks to three NCAA national championships in the last nine seasons.

Jordan said he gave Hollen two tips. First, he offered technical advice, because Hollen’s expertise is pistol shooting, not rifle shooting. Second, he told him that not everyone who joins a high school riflery team wants to be an Olympian, so keep expectations mellow and make sure the kids are having fun.

Jordan never once mentioned the obvious, the thing an observer couldn’t miss if watching either man run a practice. Jordan, a silver medalist in rifle shooting at the 2008 Paralympics, never said a word about what it’s like to coach from a wheelchair.

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Rev. Paul said...

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Having been wheelchair-bound a couple of times in my life -
I salute him.