28 November 2014

Police Blotter: the Thanksgiving Edition

Assistance Rendered ~ Local resident got upset when he found naked man inside his mom’s room. He yelled at the naked man and told him to leave the house. The mother soon returned and asked that her son be made to leave the residence for the evening. Officers advised that they could not force the son to leave the residence, as he lived there and no crime had been committed.

Public Safety ~ Local hotel manager requested officer assistance with a guest who has been calling 911 to report that the hotel is not providing adequate room service. Officer advised that the guest cannot be charged for calling 911 but that the Hotel has the right to trespass the guest.
 He must be related to those who call 911 to complain when they can't get McNuggets.

Suspicious Person/Activity ~ Drunken brother reported being concerned because his drunken sibling had grabbed five beers and departed their house in a taxi. The responding officer found nothing unusual about this incident.
"Nothing unusual about this incident" is a sad commentary, indeed.

Trespass ~ Officer observed a man who has repeatedly been barred from company property, and who has repeatedly been arrested for trespassing on company property, again on company property. [The man], 25 yoa, was arrested again on one count Criminal Trespass II.

Theft ~ Taxi driver reported a man who habitually fails to pay his fare in her and other's taxis had once again absconded without paying. Officers found the man sleeping in another man's house, and walked with him through the neighborhood until he was able to beg enough money from friends to pay the taxi driver.
 It begs the question, why does the taxi driver continue to offer rides to a man whom she knows won't pay?

Traffic Crime ~ Two callers reported a speeding vehicle. The likely suspect was contacted and, predictably, denied any wrong-doing.

Public Safety ~ An inmate who had so far failed to make bail on earlier charges faked a seizure and manhandled a Corrections officer in order to flee his cell, but his attempt to escape from the jail was stymied when the secret code he claimed had been written on his jail-issued slippers did not open the door to the great outdoors. Alas, [the man], 23 yoa, of Washington, remained in jail with an additional charge of Attempted Escape.

[The man], whose first escape attempt was foiled, endeavored yet again to flee the confines of custody, this time by attempting to dart away from officers outside the courthouse. [The man's] virtuoso performance ended about eight inches after it started, when his leg shackles and the two officers on either side of him prevented him from going any further. He was charged with a second count of Attempted Escape.
 The report doesn't state whether alcohol was involved, but you just know that it was. Alas, the guy has delusions of being Steve McQueen ...


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Leg irons will stop 'em every time!

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