04 December 2014

It's Time Again: the Gingerbread Village goes up

Our good friend Joe Hickel is the pastry chef at the Hotel Captain Cook in downtown Anchorage. The late Governor Wally Hickel built the hotel; now four of his sons, including Joe, own the place.

For 36 years, he's been building gingerbread villages in the windows of the hotel. Here's a nice story about this year's effort, still in progress when  this report was recorded:

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Cathy said...

Bless him. Just bless him. You can tell he's a good guy.

Rev. Paul said...

He is, Cathy.

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

What a wonderful tradition, I love traditions.

Thank you Joe Hickel! What a selfless display of generosity. We need more people like him :-)

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, he is a giver, in many ways. Thanks.

Keads said...

Very nice and yes, traditions matter! OBTW, when is a good time for a old southern boy that does NOT like cold to visit your fair State? Oh, and you and yours =)

Rev. Paul said...

Kelly, we have highs in the 60s and 70s from June through September - and sometimes longer. Tickets & hotels are more expensive for 2 or 3 weeks on either side of the summer solstice, but July and August are usually warm (70 to 75 for highs).
And meeting you would be an honor for me!