16 January 2015

Police Blotter: "Like Real Men"

Theft ~ A man who spent the evening in the company of inveterate drunks reported being unable to find his wallet and keys this morning. The keys were later discovered in a pants pocket but the wallet remains at large. Under investigation.

Disorderly Conduct ~ [Two men] were arrested for Disorderly Conduct after they challenged another man to a fight in the Harborview Bar. Hayes was additionally charged with resisting arrest after he shoved an officer against a wall while being booked into the jail.

Welfare Check ~ Intoxicated wife began arguing with the other woman after she returned to the home of the wife's estranged husband. The intoxicated wife was most unhappy that she could not demand the removal of the other woman from a house the wife no longer lived in.

Assault ~ Officers responding to a report of a fight in progress on a local dock found three bloodied and laughing men waiting for them. The trio told officers they were not fighting, simply wrestling like real men.

Assault ~ Officer stopped two men who were preparing to fight in the middle of the roadway. The men told the officer the fight had been precipitated by their trash-talking one another at the bar.

Weapons ~ A young man whose friend who had been spit upon by a young lady, offered to shoot the young lady in the leg with a BB gun in retaliation. The injury to the girl's leg was minor and the young man was admonished for his attempts at rural justice.

Theft ~ Officers investigated a report of an individual stealing rebar from a processing plant. The individual believed the palletized, size organized, and strapped down rebar to be scrap. The rebar was returned. The individual who had taken rebar was trespassed from the property from which the rebar had originated.

Trespass ~ Officers received a report that an unknown individual had entered the residence of another. The owner of the residence believed the individual may be drunk and noted that he had driven away. The resident was able to provide a good description and a license plate number. Armed with the information provided by the disgruntled homeowner, the Officers contacted the suspect and discovered that he was not in fact drunk, but was new to town had received directions to a party and entered the initial residence mistakenly. The errant party goer was advised to assure he was at the correct residence prior to entering.


Matt said...

You have some interesting people up there, that's for sure.

Rev. Paul said...

Matt - I'm guessing it's a large population of commercial fishermen, with only brief times ashore in which to spend their salaries.
Seamen + time + $$ = trouble. :)

ProudHillbilly said...

Actually, the 3 bloodied and laughing men give me hope...

Rev. Paul said...

Agreed, ma'am. It's good to know there's still some testosterone in their alcohol systems. :)