10 January 2015

Police Blotter: Punch the Snitch

From our friends on Unalaska Island in the eastern Aleutians:

Welfare Check – The man who phoned 911 at least six times last week phoned another four times this day. Officers responded, yet again, only to find that the man denied having made any emergency calls.

Theft – Intoxicated caller reported that his wallet, his cell phone and his wife were all missing from his home. He provided approximate values for the phone and wallet. The man told police first that he wanted them to attempt to locate his wife, then that he wanted to wait until morning.

Suspicious Person/Activity – An officer contacted a man who appeared to be searching for a place to void his bladder and after a records check for warrants, advised the man that he had a non-extraditable warrant and a revoked license; that he would be arrested if he drove; and that he would be charged if he continued urinating in public.

MVA Damage – A taxi slid into a ditch and rolled onto its side, trapping both driver and passenger inside until officers arrived to help extricate them. Ice on the road was such that even standing was difficult and there was no evidence that the driver had been reckless. Public Works was notified of road conditions. No injuries were reported.

Suspicious Person/Activity – Officers responding to a mumbled 911 call discovered that several people had been involved in an altercation which apparently began when an intoxicated woman accused an inebriated man of being a snitch. The man subsequently punched the woman, whose honor was upheld by two other drunken men. By the time officers arrived, copious amounts of blood had spewed forth on a variety of vestments, but no serious injuries had resulted. No charges were filed.


Old NFO said...

Oh yeah, booze and Alaskan islanders...

PioneerPreppy said...

Actually this is a first. There was actually an incident reported this time that more than likely did NOT involve alcohol. The Taxi thing appears to be the first alcohol free incident those cops have had in years.

Other than the welfare check calls from other states and even then I bet alcohol was involved.

joated said...

You sure you're not doctoring some of these reports and adding more....ahem...flowery language? If not, the person who writes these reports needs a raise. Or a book contract. Or both.

Rev. Paul said...

NFO - yep. Not a good mix.

Preppy - there are lots of ambulance-related calls that I don't include. Somebody cutting his hand, or having a heart attack, isn't the kind of report that I tend to reproduce here.

joated - these are word-for-word from the Unalaska Police Blotter. Sgt. Jennifer Shockley records them as you see here.