20 March 2015

Friday's Police Blotter: Dudes and Dudettes

Welfare Check:
Sister asked officers to check on her brother, who she had not heard from in two weeks. The brother, rather annoyed when officers woke him to tell him this, said he would call his sister when he felt like it.

Donny Ray Sturgell, 39 yoa, was arrested for Criminal Trespass II after he was found passed out in the hotel less than 24 hours after being told he was not allowed at that location. Sturgell blamed police for the fact that his arrest meant he would miss his afternoon flight.

Search and Rescue:
Police, fire and EMS personnel climbed Mt. Coxcomb in the middle of the night to rescue a hiker who, after arriving at the peak during daylight hours, had been unable to descend on her own. The hiker and her dog were recovered without major injury to any rescuers.

Hotel guest reported an altercation in an adjacent room. Officers contacted two drunken patrons who could not stop yelling at one another long enough for either of them to fall asleep. The hotel provided the drunks with separate rooms to alleviate the problem.  

Traffic Roads:
Officer advised three men who were using a fishing buoy to play soccer in the roadway that though flat ground is a rare commodity in this community, the roadway does not constitute a viable option.

Noise Disturbance:
Caller reported neighbors were having a loud party. An officer responded and found the revelers to be reveling to the bebop beat of a fancy new karaoke machine. The partiers were asked to keep the noise to a minimum.

Assistance Rendered:
Officers responded to a residence to assist a very intoxicated individual in removing an unknown and unwanted guest. The complainant pointed to an individual on the floor, stating, I don't know that dude and he has to go. The dude was none other then a drunken female whom the complainant has known for most of his life. The complainant refused to believe that the dude was not a dude. Officers were eventually able to convince him of the identity of the Dudette and all was again well in his world. 


Chickenmom said...

Karaoke! Everybody party!

Rev. Paul said...


PioneerPreppy said...

You would think this time of year any lake or pond up that way would be a nice flat surface though.

Not that I would play soccer on it however.

Rev. Paul said...

Preppy, we've not had much of a winter this year; the ice could easily be too thin to play on.

joated said...

Okay that last one had me LOLing.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

convince him of the identity of the Dudette and all was again well in his world.

A world class state of intoxication.

Rev. Paul said...

joated - me, too. :)

WSF - unfortunately true.