18 May 2015

Forge a New Blade is a VERY Good Read

Peter Grant's new novel is available on Kindle today, and I can't recommend it highly enough. Fast-paced, suspenseful, and a real page-turner ... okay, a "next-page button presser". If you enjoyed the first installment, you'll like this one even more!

* * * * *

As you might notice by the new header at the top of this blog, we did finally hit the road this weekend, and I have some new pix of Alaskan scenery. I haven't had a chance to edit them yet, so you'll have to wait until later today for that. Sorry.

We did spend some time hiking in bear country, and I found myself wishing the .357 was a .44 when we came across some very large tracks on the trail.

There was a mama moose blissfully nesting along the roadside as we drove by, but there was no chance to get a picture at the time. When we came back later, she was long gone. Ah, well.

Y'all have a wonderful day, even if it is a Monday, and thanks for stopping by.


Ajdshootist said...

Always carry at least a .44 mag a 45lc a 454 casall not a 357 or 45acp if your on foot, at least a 12bore with slug or a rifle in .444 or .45/70 and know your target keep dogs on a leash not running free because if they are running free all they will do is lead the bear to you,also a bear moves very quietly and keep an all round scan most animals move quietly.

Rev. Paul said...

AJD, all very good advice. Thanks.

Brigid said...

It's out already? Yay! I'm sure it's going to be a great read!

Rev. Paul said...

B - you're going to enjoy it. :)

On a Wing and a Whim said...

Thanks for the mention - so glad you enjoyed it!