27 July 2015

Monday Morning Thought

My buddy in Missouri sent me a list of Thomas Jefferson's accomplishments and several quotes.
I wrote this in response:
I've been publishing those quotes, off and on, on my blog for years ... but I'm preaching to the choir. I rarely hear from anyone who doesn't already agree with the sentiments expressed by Jefferson.

You can go back to around 1885 or 1890 to find the Progressives who decided that the only way to curb the rampant liberty of free Americans was to dumb them down, and stop teaching about the Founders ... and about the Constitution ... and about our history.

And it's worked, by and large. The average American citizen has absolutely no idea about any of those things.

My friends, I won't stop talking about history, the Founders ... and about our Constitution; I truly believe it to be a document inspired by God Himself. For that matter, so did the Founders themselves.

Several wrote, after the dust had settled, that they couldn't figure out how such a historic document came from all the squabbling and politicking as took place during the Convention - unless God made it happen.

I believe He did.


Stephen said...

Me too.

Rev. Paul said...

Thank you, Stephen. It's good to hear that.

Guffaw in AZ said...

I agree with your assessment. There are a small number of events throughout history that I believe were inspired by God!
American Independence and the United States were two of them.
And, like most of the Founders, Jefferson was a flawed genius. Franklin was another.
The fact we seem to be headed down this socialist, dystopian path only proves we are made of of men with free will.

God Save The United States of America!


Rev. Paul said...

Guffaw, I agree with your assessment of the Founders. They were well-educated & well-read, but they were still only men. The flaws are inherent, darn it.

But I'll say it to you: amen!