06 July 2015

Police Blotter Time!

Sexual Assault/Offense
A woman fled a new acquaintance's hotel room, where she had gone to get cigarettes, after she was thrown to the man's bed and subjected to remarks which suggested she might be in imminent danger. [The man] was arrested for Assault IV the following day after he was positively identified as the assailant.

Drunk Disturbance
Two drunken, obnoxious men were arrested after the members of a herd of boors spit at a bartender, groped a security officer and refused to leave the Cape Cheerful premises. [One] was arrested for Harassment I and [the other] for Criminal Trespass II and Resisting Arrest.

A man who spent the evening in the company of inveterate drunks reported being unable to find his wallet and keys this morning. The keys were later discovered in a pants pocket but the wallet remains at large. Under investigation.

Disorderly Conduct
[Two men] were arrested for Disorderly Conduct after they challenged another man to a fight in the Harborview Bar. [One] was additionally charged with resisting arrest after he shoved an officer against a wall while being booked into the jail.

Drug Law Violation
Security officer turned in a cell phone which had cocaine, wrapped in a receipt with a name on it, secreted in the battery compartment. The receipt owner could not be confirmed as the owner of the cell phone or drugs.

Intoxicated wife stated that another woman had stolen her drunken husband's credit card to buy alcohol, and also that her husband had willingly provided both the card and the PIN to the alleged thief. All drunken parties were contacted and all confirmed that the husband had given the other woman his credit card. The wife hung up on police after being advised of same.

Welfare Check
[20 minutes later,] intoxicated wife began arguing with the other woman after she returned to the home of the wife's estranged husband. The intoxicated wife was most unhappy that she could not demand the removal of the other woman from a house the wife no longer lived in.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Surely there must be police blotter entries that don't involve alcohol in some manner.

Rev. Paul said...

Yes, but "served court papers", "lost wallet found" and "cited driver for speeding" aren't very entertaining.

JayNola said...

Don't forget there ever popular "Burn Permit".

Rev. Paul said...

JayNola, that's a good point. Then there's the "changed batteries in smoke detector" and "responded to alarm at an abandoned building". Also, the ever-popular "callers reported an erratic driver but officers couldn't find anyone."

Chickenmom said...

Seems that the Cape Cheerful premises wasn't so cheerful!

Rev. Paul said...

Chickenmom, I'm guessing they were a lot more cheerful after the two "boors" were removed.