04 August 2015

More Blotter: the Non-Event Edition

Officers responded to the bar regarding a report that five men were engaged in fisticuffs at that location. Officers found that some of those involved had left in a taxi; others did not. One of those who did not had a racially-charged exchange with a taxi driver. No evidence of an actual fight was found.

Traffic Crime
Caller reported taxi blocking the parking aisles at Safeway. Officers responded and found one taxi parked at the side of the lot.

An intoxicated woman reported one of her good friends had stolen $20 and a pack of cigarettes from her, and it was certainly this particular good friend because the intoxicated woman didn’t trust her. Officers found the good friend home. She allowed officers to search her; neither money nor a pack of cigarettes was found.

Caller reported his roommate had threatened to “get him,” though he was unable to provide any details about how said “getting” might occur. Officers contacted the roommate, who said he had simply asked the caller to quit telling lies but had not threatened him.

Drunk Disturbance
Officer contacted an agitated bar patron who was upset because bar staff had interrupted his outdoor conversation with a friend in order to tell him to keep the back door shut. The bar patron elected to leave the premises for the night so as to avoid future conflict with bar staff.

Suspicious Person/Activity
Officer contacted three stumbling drunks walking in the middle of the roadway, and advised them they might be somewhat safer if they walked on the side of the road.

Criminal Mischief
Driver reported that someone tied a rope from his passenger side mirror to a steel pipe imbedded in concrete, so that the mirror was ripped off when the driver backed out of his space. The driver did not know when this occurred but wished to have the incident documented.


Keads said...

Ah alcohol. The solution to and creator of most problems =)

Rev. Paul said...

Absolutely true, it would seem. And in that order!

Murphy's Law said...

I keep checking my bank account and waiting for the day that I have enough extra cash to go visit that magical place.

And I'm not coming home until I get to be in the blotter too.

Rev. Paul said...

ML, you'd be in quite a bit of company. What would you do to distinguish yourself?

Old NFO said...

LOL, another one of THOSE reports...

Chickenmom said...

Fisticuffs! Haven't heard that one in a long time!

Rev. Paul said...

NFO, it's hard to find interesting entries that don't involve mass quantities of alcohol ... but every once in awhile, we get lucky. :)

Chickenmom, Sgt. Shockley goes out of her way to create nontraditional posts for the blotter, and we all appreciate it. :)

Murphy's Law said...

Rev. Paul...You let me worry about that. I'll figure out something. But I probably won't be drunk, so that'll at least be a new experience for the authorities there.

Rev. Paul said...

You're right, ML: it would be novel. :)