27 August 2015

Police Blotter: Unsurprisingly Inebriated

Suspicious Person/Activity
A wanted man allegedly gave a paycheck to a friend to cash on his behalf, and then tried to cash a duplicate of the paycheck the following day. Officers confirmed that the signatures on the two checks did not match, but were unable to talk to the victim as he is in hiding from police. Under investigation.

Criminal Mischief
Bar staff asked that a man who had been causing problems inside the bar and who compounded the problem by throwing rocks at the bar, be given a trespass advisement. The suspect was tentatively identified but not located, as he had fled before officers arrived.

Domestic Disturbance
One of the day’s earlier combatants returned to the scene of his crime and refused to leave after the homeowner demanded he do so. Ishmael Lopez was arrested for Criminal Trespass I after he plopped himself down in a lawn chair and told an officer he wouldn’t leave.

Officers responding to a reported fistfight found the two combatants, one of whom had a bloody nose, hugging one another in the living room. Both parties admitted to having punched one another but neither had an interest in pursuing charges.

Drunken sibling reported a shotgun had been stolen from his home sometime during the last month. He was not able to provide a description of the gun other than the make and gauge, nor was he able to identify or even describe any but one of the people who had been in his home in the last month. Under investigation.

Ambulance Request
EMS personnel provided care and transport for a drunken sibling who was allegedly hallucinating.

Caller reported a dark-clad man darting into traffic near the intersection of Gilman and Airport Beach Roads. Officers found the suspect, unsurprisingly inebriated, and warned him that playing in traffic was potentially dangerous.


On a Wing and a Whim said...

As Sgt. Ted Smith, APD (RIP) was wont to say with his eyes cast up toward heaven, "Alcohol may have been a factor."

Rev. Paul said...

Wing, you might be pleased to hear that the tradition lives on: current spokesperson Jennifer Castro delivers that line in the same manner. :)