02 September 2015

It's Hump Day

and you know what that means:

Officers were called to investigate an assault at a local tavern. Investigation revealed that an individual was dancing with another’s girlfriend. After the individual was asked several times by the girlfriend to stop, the boyfriend punched the individual in the eye.

Drunk Disturbance
Caller reported a group of 6 individuals causing a disturbance and fighting in the roadway. Officers contacted the group, all of whom displayed signs of alcohol impairment, and advised them to keep the noise down.
Apparently fighting was okay. Alrighty then ...

Public Safety
Caller reported a drunken pedestrian staggering along the roadway. Officers contacted the individual who displayed obvious signs of alcohol impairment. He was provided a ride home by a coworker.

Liquor Law Violation
The above mentioned individual was then advised he was too intoxicated to enter or remain upon a licensed premise.
If you're so drunk the police won't let you walk, perhaps heading to the liquor store is contra-indicated.
Welfare Check
Officers responded to a home from which a call to police had been made; sounds of domestic discontent could be heard in the background. Officers eventually determined that no criminal activity had occurred between the two moderately intoxicated residents.

Suspicious Person/Activity
Intoxicated caller mumbled something about a shotgun and sending the police, before hanging up. Officers responded to the apparent threat in an appropriate manner, only to find that the inebriate simply wanted to know what action had been taking regarding his missing firearm.
If you're going to call the police about a shotgun, it pays to enunciate clearly. 

Traffic Roads
Complaint about tourists walking in the middle of the roadway. An officer contacted the group and advised them of some better places to walk.
So Murphy's Law finally made it to Unalaska, and found an innocuous way to get listed in the Blotter? Cool!  :)

Assistance Rendered
Taxi driver reported that a drunk just released from the clinic had been lying in the taxi for 20 minutes and refused to leave. The drunk told officers he had no money, at which point the taxi driver said there was no charge provided the drunk would just leave. He left.
So, let's see if I've got this right: the ride is free, but you have to pay to get out..?


Well Seasoned Fool said...

In our area we have Muslim taxi drivers refusing to serve drunks. Waiting for the day one decides to move to Dutch Harbor.

Rev. Paul said...

If they follow their current pattern of expansion, that's only a matter of time. Assuming the Natives don't harpoon them, or something... Naw, that's not a worthy thought.