29 September 2015

Police Blotter: It's a Miracle

Disorderly Conduct
Officers contacted an irate postal customer whose odious manner towards postal employees had resulted in a call to police. Officers stood by while the man mailed his package, then escorted he and his friend from the facility.

Welfare Check
Woman reported that while out for a walk in a local park, her dog had sniffed at an unmoving body that was covered with "garbage." An officer contacted a now upright and urinating man who had bedded down in the park on cardboard and plastic bags because his assigned bunkroom was too noisy. He was advised that park rules do not allow for camping.

MVA Damage
A parked vehicle was struck during the night by a vehicle which, according to its intoxicated owner, had been stolen during the night and then replaced in the parking lot. Under investigation.
I wonder whether anyone contacted the local priest about the "miraculous returning truck" ...
Suspicious Activity
An apartment manager, clearly frustrated by the number of non-tenants who park in his parking lot, used a front-end loader to remove an illegally parked vehicle and then block it in another space. The vehicle owner chose not to pursue charges in spite of the damage that was done to her vehicle.
I wouldn't have done that, personally, but I sure understand the temptation!

Pedestrian offered photographs of animals gone amok as part of a new installment in the ongoing pet disputes of Lake Drive.
 Something tells me it's been going on for awhile. Any bets on whether this will crop up again?  :)
Welfare Check
Officers responded to the airport regarding an intoxicated man who had apparently crawled from the terminal to the waterfront, after which he had not been seen again. Officers located the inebriate, who had simply been looking at the pretty beach, and ensured he had transportation back to his hotel.

Drunk Disturbance
Officers responded to the Grand Aleutian hotel regarding some sort of commotion involving a man and a woman in the women's bathroom. Officers found an intoxicated woman who claimed the two had engaged in consensual carnal relations and an intoxicated man who denied any sexual activity at all with the woman. Officers issued trespass advisements, per hotel staff, to the couple.

Two inebriates who had been issued trespass advisements returned to the hotel and groveled for access to rooms for the night. 
The blotter doesn't state whether the two were cited for trespass, or admitted for the night by the desk clerk. Where's Paul Harvey and "the rest of the story" when you want it?


Ajdshootist said...

The story of moving the car reminds me,my familys printing works had private forcourt for the use of the reps and managment one of the reps had gone out and left space a car parked in the space and the driver and pasenger walked of to the fish and chip shop up the road i went down into the works and got the pump up trolly and a wooden pallet and got one the work fource to help me move the car on to the double yellow lines on the road then we moved our cars to take all the spaces a police car came by and booked him for illeage parking and causing an obstruction just as he returned he could not understand how his car had been moved as we never touched it and we had a big sign saying no parking privite forcourt.

Rev. Paul said...

AJD, I imagine the look on the driver's face was priceless. What a great story!