14 September 2015

Post #5,002: About Our High Gas Prices

On the 10th, I wrote about the exorbitantly high price of gasoline in these parts. It was $3.23/gallon for regular in Anchorage, and much higher elsewhere, here in the Last Frontier.

I told the story about how the price is deliberately escalated because of something that isn't actually the case. The price is based, we're told to believe, in a suppositional case of whimsy, hot air, "what if?" and "why not?"

I mentioned that two legislators in Juneau had petitioned the Governor's office to investigate, since our price was 80 cents above the national average - for no apparent reason other than greed.

Strangely enough, the price had already dropped to $3.08/gallon by yesterday. In only three days.

¿Por qué no me sorprende?


Old NFO said...

Interesting that it's that high... Somebody's making LOTS of money!

threecollie said...

Isn't that interesting!

Rev. Paul said...

NFO & threecollie, we all know it's the refinery owner who's making the big bucks. Again, they will conclude that he's doing nothing wrong, and that'll be the end of the "investigation".

Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,

Is that 100 percent gas, or is it ethenol? Our 100 percent gas is running $2.23 a gallon.

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, it's 100% gas. I don't buy from stations where ethanol is added.