14 September 2015

Monday Police Blotter: Hypocritical Much?

Suspicious Activity
Officers investigated the theft of windows from an abandoned house. Investigation revealed that the windows were legally taken as part of the demolition process.

Officer contacted a homeowner about vehicles in the roadway. The homeowner showed a platting map that indicated the roadway was encroaching on his property.

Assistance Rendered
Officer assisted an individual found sleeping on the sidewalk. The individual was walking home from the bar and decided he needed a nap. The officer assured the individual was able to care for himself before pointing him in the correct direction so that he could continue his jaunt.

Caller reported a Black Labrador entered her office to say hello, then ran away into traffic. Attempts to contact the wayward canine were fruitless.

Suspicious Person/Activity
Caller reported an unknown person yelling outside her apartment. Officers responded but were unable to locate the loquacious lout.

Officers were flagged down at a bar regarding a fight over a girl, and learned that one patron hit another; the second patron then tackled the first. Patron #1 fled and was not identified. Patron #2 was asked to leave for the night.

Drunk Disturbance
Caller reported a man running up and down a bunkhouse hallway, destroying property and generally being a nuisance. Officers responded and found the culprit, who admitted to drinking this evening and kicking a cardboard box upon his return. He agreed to remain in his room for the rest of the evening.

Welfare Check
A man who could barely remain upright due to his level of intoxication asked officers to remove his brother from their abode, because he believed his brother was too inebriated to stand. The officer pointed out the hypocrisy of such action and suggested that the men simply remain seated until they were somewhat more sober.


Chickenmom said...

"Loquacious lout" - just too, too funny!

threecollie said...

I stopped here to say almost exactly what Chickenmom said. Loquacious lout is just too lovely!

Rev. Paul said...

I thought that was good, too. Classic Sgt. Shockley!

Sandy said...

Rev Paul,

Love the use of new words, lol.....

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, Sgt. Shockley tries her best to keep the Unalaska police blotter interesting & unusual.