10 November 2015

Police Blotter Mischief, Carelessness, and Inebriation: Same Old, Same Old

Assistance Rendered
Officers responded to the PCR regarding a fire alarm at that location, and found dozens of costumed persons evacuating the building. A smoke machine, used as part of a haunted house, appeared to be the cause of the alarm’s activation.

Two recently fired fishermen complained to police that their former employer, who had provided the men with $250, had not given them enough money for lodging. The employer offered to pay directly for a hotel room provided the men returned the $250 cash. They declined.

Suspicious Person/Activity
Apartment dweller saw a woman smashing a laptop behind the apartment complex during the night, and the next morning found pieces of a laptop including a tag identifying a business as the possible owner of same. The company was contacted about the computer and indicated they might wish to pursue charges once more details were made available.

MVA Damage
A driver caused significant damage to his vehicle when a drill left on the driver’s side floorboard caught in the pedals, rendering the brakes unusable and resulting in the vehicle striking a light standard. No injuries were reported.

Welfare Check
Caller asked police to check on the occupants of a home at which the electricity had recently been cut off. The occupants, both inebriated, were watching a blank TV and were quite well aware they had no power.

Officers responding to a report of two drunken, underage men attempting to drive found the two still in the area. [A man], 18 yoa, admitted to drinking and was cited for Minor Consuming. [Another man], 20 yoa, was found staggering near the roadway. [The second man] denied drinking, denied driving, and refused to submit a breath sample. [He] was arrested for Driving under the Influence and Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test.

Disorderly Conduct
Several people reported a drunken woman banging on apartment doors with enough noise and force to wake people and dogs and to shake a door loose from its latch. Officers located the drunken woman, who said she simply wanted to talk to one of the apartment residents, and told her that not a single person had any desire to speak with her this night.

Two drunken men just went into the water following an argument about “thug life” on board their vessel. Both men, who were out of the water and in dry clothing by the time officers arrived, refused medical attention. Neither cared to provide further details about the altercation.

Ambulance Request
EMS personnel responded to a different dock, where a caller reported hearing someone yelling as if he were in the water. The intoxicated patient, who had indeed been in the water, refused medical attention.


Chickenmom said...

That welfare check one was a riot - Guess they didn't have to sit through all the commercials!

Rev. Paul said...

"Keep watching - it might come back on!" LOL

Well Seasoned Fool said...

were watching a blank TV and were quite well aware they had no power.

People there can use alcohol to cope with any situation. Improve the situation? Not so much.

Rev. Paul said...

WSF, agreed.