08 December 2015

Police Blotter: Yeah, Right

Suspicious Person
Caller reported an individual walking in the middle of the road oblivious to the traffic around him. Officer contacted the individual who appeared to be a foreign national who claimed to be unfamiliar with road and traffic hazards. The individual was told to stay off the roads.

Suspicious Activity
Caller reported a homeless man living in a vehicle was in the area and asking if he could plug into the callers electrical supply to do repairs on his vehicle. Caller allowed the individual to plug into their power supply but later found out that the man had stayed plugged in all night long. Caller requested the incident be documented and that they would deal with the homeless man personally.

Caller reported she got punched in the head for no apparent reason. The complainant did not want to press charges. Investigation determined the complainant got punched because she wantonly hugged a friend of the assailant.

Protective Custody
Officer made contact with an individual who was extremely intoxicated. The individual was in a drunken stupor on the sidewalk in front of the Grand Aleutian Hotel. The individual was taken into protective custody for alcohol incapacitation and transported to Public Safety.

[A man], 33 yoa of Boston and [his companion], 37 yoa of Washington were arrested for Criminal Trespass when they entered the Grand Aleutian Hotel a mere fifteen minutes after they had been advised by officers not to return to any Unisea hospitality establishments.

Disorderly Conduct
An officer contacted several intoxicated pedestrians who were impeding traffic and found one man who refused to identify himself and began behaving aggressively. [A man], 30 yoa, of Washington, was arrested first for Disorderly Conduct and was then additionally charged with Resisting Arrest and Assault IV - LEO when he struggled with the officer and repeatedly attempted to stomp on the officer's feet.

Drunk Disturbance
A belligerent drunk at the Harbor View Bar was asked to leave the premises after he created a ruckus inside the bar, and was antagonistic with the responding officer. After the drunk was placed at handcuffs he became considerably more compliant and agreed to leave the area in a taxi.

Public Safety
Officer advised a drunken bar patron not to drive home this night. The man left on foot after loudly and repeatedly proclaiming the destruction of his life and reputation at the hands of police.

Officers responded to an individual claiming he had been drinking with unknown individuals throughout the night and was then assaulted by someone he could not positively identify. Officers contacted several individuals, all of whom provided inconsistent statements which were useless in determining exactly what had happened. All individuals were advised to no longer associate with one another.


threecollie said...

Beer...it's liquid bread...it rots your head. lol

Rev. Paul said...

Among other things; doesn't do your liver & kidneys much good, either.