05 January 2016

Police Blotter: The Usual Suspects

Noise Disturbance
While investigating a reported noise disturbance, officers discovered an underage drinking party. Eleven underage people were contacted and issued citations for Minor in Possession of Alcohol.

Traffic Crime
Officer contacted an individual who appeared to be about to drive a vehicle. The individual was reminded that his license to drive was suspended. The individual decided taking a taxi was a better decision.

[A man], 39 yoa from Anchorage, AK, arrested and charged with 2 counts of Assault 4th after he returned to his residence and in a drunken rage attacked his roommates.

Welfare Check
Drunken woman asked an officer to find her husband, who hadn't been seen since he left for church. Officers responded to the woman's residence and found a number of equally inebriated guests, none of whom could provide any coherent information about the husband's departure.

Suspicious Person/Activity
Off-duty officer reported a speeding driver swerving in the roadway. Officers contacted the suspect driver, who displayed no signs of intoxication but admitted to both being extremely fatigued and to operating his vehicle in 2WD when 4WD would have been more appropriate for road conditions.

Officers investigating a possible break-in at a business facility met a hostile, aggressive man who yelled obscenities, made threats and struggled with police officers while they attempted to determine whether he was allowed to be on the premises. The man was ultimately released without charges.

Officer issued a trespass advisement to a man who had previously spent some time shouting obscenities at and about a local business, and who had spray-painted his white flatbed with phrases that reflected a generally poor attitude towards various organizations in Unalaska.

Suspicious Person/Activity
A mother told police that a white flatbed with obscene language and signs spray-painted on its sides was at a local business. The mother found the language offensive and inappropriate for young children. The owner of the vehicle removed said language the following day after he was released from jail.

Assistance Rendered
Officers responded to the Carl E. Moses dock for a disturbance vaguely described by participants as having something to do with a local girl. Neither of the men contacted provided any substantive information about their differences and seemed to have suddenly, upon police involvement, resolved all their problems.


Chickenmom said...

'Hope that husband found some peace and comfort in church. Apparently he doesn't find it at home!

Rev. Paul said...

Chickenmom, there's a reason why the main hall in churches are usually called "the sanctuary". :)

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Using your white flatbed truck s a message board sounds like a 1st Amendment exercise.

Rev. Paul said...

WSF, I note that the man removed the graffiti voluntarily, but agree that the 1st Amendment was in full force.